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EditorSuite is our online content editing platform. It allows copy editors to correct text, authors to check and approve proofs, and production managers to finalise content for publication. All changes are made within the platform, and therefore directly on the underlying XML, but through a familiar HTML interface. A draft PDF can be instantly updated as users edit the content. The system is easy to use and ensures fast, accurate and granular control of content. 

EditorSuite is content-agnostic and can be used for books, journals and videos in any language including Arabic and Chinese. Books can be revised and new editions released through EditorSuite within days. 

Benefits for authors

  • User friendly view of copy editors’ modifications and author queries.
  • Warns authors if they try to submit proofs before responding to queries.
  • Easy navigation – using a conventional Table of Contents, or an “Index” view. 
  • Familiar track changes showing modifications made to text and even to graphics.
  • At the press of a button and at any time the author can create a (watermarked) proof PDF.

Benefits for publishers

  • Faster publication and easy updating of revision of content.
  • Can be used to ingest third party XML.
  • Shows details of modification made to content and graphics, including timestamp and user details.
  • No admin, leading to dramatic reduction in turnaround times.

Draft PDF generated within EditorSuite

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