Technical philosophy

As a core value, River Valley wants to ensure that its software is future-proof. Our technology is developed in-house and built from the ground up. Outside of this, and where required, we choose open source software. This gives our clients both stability and security. 

The XML file

XML is perhaps the most important asset of a publisher, allowing them to reuse the content, and to create new formats that might appear in future. With good, structured XML, the content is future-proof. 

Independent composition engine

There are many commercial composition engines on the market. We believe none can deliver our “pure” XML first workflow. In addition, there is always the danger of long term “lock-in”. So an early decision was to build our own “engine” for text conversion and pagination. By using open source software to develop our platforms, we have ensured that we are independent of any proprietary systems, and that our systems are future-proof. Our clients are thus assured of security and stability for years hence.


We believe all content should be available to everyone, regardless of their disability. This is why our platforms deliver content in a variety of formats including PDFs that can be  personalised,  aimed at the partially sighted, and a typeface designed for people with dyslexia.

Intuitive and Responsive

All our platforms are designed to be intuitive and fully usable on tablets and mobile phones

Easy integration with third party systems

  • Platforms can be linked to external systems via industry standard APIs
  • Can integrate with financial, marketing and other publisher systems, including via SSO
  • Can ingest any volume of legacy data from existing systems or other databases
  • Publisher can export data at any time