How we work

Our clients are our partners – we welcome new ideas and strive to deliver best-of-breed technology and offer our industry insights. 

Our products are designed to be fully customisable and are configured to each publisher’s exact workflows. 

Our experts work with publishers to identify exact requirements, taking into account industry trends and innovations. 

Our teams have decades of experience in publishing services and scholarly production, as well as in software development. 

Our service guarantee

We work with clients as partners and our team are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service for clients. Each client is allocated a dedicated project manager who takes time to fully understand the clients business requirements. This allows our team to proactively deliver new ideas to the client. 

  • Our Fast and Expert customer support – our low attrition rate means we have knowledgeable staff who can resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. 
  • We have 24/7 support available where required
  • All client queries are responded to within 24 hours – typically within the hour!
  • We are often complimented on how quickly we deliver new feature requests – often within days.