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RVFormatter is our automated content rendering platform. It can be configured to produce any output, including PDF, Word, Epub and MOBI directly from the XML and in seconds. Built in-house from the ground up, the system has zero dependency on third party proprietary vendors. Our XML renderer creates high-quality publication PDF (or Epub, HTML etc) in a matter of seconds. If the PDF needs any manual tweaks to pagination, a user with minimal training can make these changes through a user-friendly interface. 

Some features of RVFormatter

  • Global and local formatting for complete control of output PDF
  • Highest quality design and typography thanks to proprietary algorithm, such as 
    • Line breaking in paragraphs 
    • Floating figures and tables 
    • Complex indexes 
    • Automatic positioning of footnotes and marginal notes
  • Delivers any required output, including new formats as they become industry standard
  • Can be used directly by publisher to generate final output at the press of a button
  • Allows readers to generate their own customized PDFs, e.g. selecting colour or black and white output, or even special typefaces for readers with dyslexia.

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