Typesetting & production


We have always had a reputation for handling complex mathematics. We carry out the composition for some of the world’s most prestigious mathematical journals. With in-house technology and highly skilled workforce we deliver content that is a pleasure to read, but also has fully structured XML at its core. We have been users of TeX and LaTeX since the inception of the company and have written 1000s of lines of code in house, resulting in tried and tested, fully automated conversion of XML to PDF. Our systems are equally applicable to books and major references works as they are to journal typesetting. And having conquered the most complex scientific content, our systems are, of course, fully applicable to non-technical text too.


Our copyeditors have worked with us for many years both within our UK onshore team and in our India offices. We can offer any level of editing. Our editors can edit online using our platforms, resulting in fully structured XML output of files that can immediately be checked online by authors.

Typography & journal design

We specialise in delivering beautifully designed journal pages which can also be efficiently typeset and automatically generated from the source XML. In fact we believe we have the only truly automated XML-first typesetting system in the world. But we have a deep knowledge of typography and page design too, and have combined that with our technical know-how to create beautifully typeset pages fully automatically. We were commissioned to design the pages for the award winning Open Access journal, PeerJ.