RVReporter – powerful reporting

Businesses today have a lot of data and the larger the business, the greater the volume of data. These data are invariably saved across many different systems and departments. It is a complex and time consuming task to extract the information from each system and cross-check with one another. This is why we are launching RVReporter – a standalone reporting system that can ingest data from multiple sources and generate reports.

RVReporter allows businesses to better understand their customers and suppliers and to spot patterns that can help form future strategy. RVReporter encourages closer a working relationship across different company departments.


  • A single and recognizable view of all data
  • Reports and graphs available instantly and at any time
  • Data can be analysed from any location, with full security
  • Combine data from different datasets to get new insight
  • Role access allows selective visibility of data with precise control of who sees what
  • Data imported via APIs or CSV import

Easy use

  • No knowledge of database queries required
  • Import CSV files using Drag and Drop
  • Innovative addition of columns to reports using a graphical interface
  • Set up reports that can be automatically generated and emailed at set intervals


  • Built using the latest web technologies
  • Can link with any standards based CMS or database