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ReView is our innovative submission and peer review platform, built from the ground up using the latest web technologies. designed with scalability in mind, it can handle 1000s of users concurrently with no slow-down. ReView is usable on any mobile device, and is fully configurable to a publisher’s workflow. ReView has an intuitive interface, ensuring that users are shown only the information needed to carry out their task.

The platform is content agnostic and able to handle any type of submission from journal manuscripts to book chapters, conferences and Multimedia content. The system holds all content in a single installation, allowing the publisher to quickly view the status of all work using an innovative reporting dashboard. 

Painless and fast transition

  • Quickly customisable to any publisher requirements
  • New journals can be created by publisher
  • Faithful and fast ingestion of legacy data
  • Retrieval of historical data with the click of a button

Convenient features for authors and reviewers

  • Options of ad hoc or invited submission of manuscripts
  • Simple file submission using drag and drop 
  • Highly sophisticated native handling of LaTeX files
  • Combine any file formats, even Word and LaTeX
  • Single log-in for all journals and all user roles
  • Numerous third party integrations including ORCID, Ringgold, Casrai CRediT, Publons etc.
  • Integrated discussion module, e.g. allowing editors to communicate securely with reviewers

Full control and visibility for publishers

  • Fully scalable with no limit to volume of content or number of registered or simultaneous users
  • Admin can proxy as any other user
  • Publisher can create any number of new user roles based on “core roles
  • Graphical “Story view” showing the complete history of a manuscript
  • Real-time reports for a single journal, or combined for any set of journals
  • Cascade” papers across publications with a single click
  • Change workflows, even for a single journal issue or article type

Flexible and intuitive

  • Configurable email module allowing any number of automated notifications
  • Flexible control of keywords and taxonomies 
  • Virtually no training required

“ReView’s refreshingly simple user interface, combined with River Valley’s intimate knowledge of scholarly content, gave us the confidence to choose River Valley over the competition.”
Sara Sharman, Head of Content Services at the IET

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