Collaborative relationship

With unmatched experience in delivering automated composition services, we work with clients as partners to discuss new ideas and develop innovative solutions:

SaaS-based solutions for publishers

From peer review right through to online author proofing and hosting. 

Composition and XML creation

We were the first company to deliver true XML first typesetting. We continue to deliver publisher PDFs and other outputs directly from the publisher’s XML. 

Journal and document design

We are passionate about typography and design and we believe that automated production does not mean compromising visual design. We are proud to have designed the PDFs for the award winning journal, PeerJ. 

Publisher support

Our team has over 1,000 years of experience in scholarly publishing and composition services. This industry experience and combined with our expertise allows us to offer comprehensive support..


We have one of the largest teams of LaTeX experts in the world with over 500 years of collective LaTeX experience. This allows us to offer unmatched LaTeX support to our clients.