Edinburgh University Press to use River Valley’s ReView for submission and peer review in journals

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London, UK, 21 November 2017 – Edinburgh University Press has become the latest prestigious publisher to sign up to ReView, River Valley’s submission and peer review system, in a bid to  reduce admin and turnaround times on their journals.

Sarah McDonald, Head of Journals at EUP, said: “ReView was intuitive and easy to use whilst delivering complex workflows and full security. Being able to handle any text including Arabic, ReView provided the perfect solution for us. River Valley were great at working with us to refine our workflows and to apply the innovative features of ReView.

ReView is a revolutionary peer review system. Built from the ground up using the latest web technologies, it is delivered as a single, nimble installation, whether you have 2 or 2000 journals. Books and conference series can also be handled within the same installation, giving publishers more control over the content.

The reporting engine in ReView is powerful yet simple to use. Although ReView ships with a set of standard reports, any number of new reports can be generated within minutes, giving publishers unparalleled control over their publications, usually with no need for extra training. It can be tuned to generate the precise requirements of a publisher for one, several, or all journals, and to email them automatically at regular intervals.

The “responsive” design of ReView means it is fully usable on tablets, or even mobile phones. We are pleased to report that one journal manager is quite happy making changes to complex journal workflows, using ReView’s graphical workflow manager on an iPhone!

More and more publishers are finding ReView delivers the perfect peer review solution for them. We look forward to working with Edinburgh University Press.” said River Valley’s Kaveh Bazargan.

ReView has quickly become the leading new peer review system with tremendous feedback from authors, reviewers and publishers alike.  The IET and the BMJ also announced partnerships with ReView earlier in 2017.

About River Valley Technologies

River Valley Technologies was set up in 1988 in the UK by Dr Kaveh Bazargan. A physicist by training, his intense interest in the emerging area of electronic publishing led him to start a service company with the aim of delivering cutting edge technology to academic publishers. The company has expanded internationally, and remains at the forefront of publishing technology.

River Valley was one of the first companies to embrace “authoring in the cloud”, with the first incarnation of RVRite some 10 years ago. The company continues to look at areas of publishing that can be improved or automated, with the fundamental goal of speeding up scholarly communication.

River Valley’s vision is to streamline and to automate the publishing process through its RVPublisher suite of platforms, which include:

  • MagicWord and MagicTeX (Manuscript to XML conversion)
  • RVRite (Collaborative online authoring)
  • ReView (Intuitive submission and peer review platform)
  • ProofCheck (Online author proofing system)
  • RVFormatter (Automated XML to PDF converter)

River Valley continues to deliver the highest level of typesetting services to its publishing clients through the use of its cloud-based platforms.

River Valley’s clients include Cambridge University Press, Nature Publishing Group, The IET, BMJ and IOP Publishing.


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