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Our mission is to accelerate scholarly communication through easy to use and efficient publishing solutions. And the final piece in our end-to-end publishing system is RVHost, which can be used standalone, or in combination with other River Valley platforms. 

Some features and benefits of RVHost are:

  • A multitude of formats and view options including: HTML, Epub, eLife Lens, ReadCube
  • Accessibility features including a special typeface for people with dyslexia
  • Extensive third party integration, e.g. ORCID, Twitter and other social media, as well as various article metrics tools
  • Annotation and commenting features, e.g. hypothes.is
  • Integration with all major reference management systems, as well as BiBTeX
  • Multilingual user interface, including right to left languages.

RVHost is content agnostic and can deliver any kind of content, including books and Multimedia. It fully supports Open Access publishing, ensuring compliance with Plan S, and requires all participating journals to adopt the COPE/DOAJ principles of transparency to ensure ethical publishing.

Painless transition from other platforms

We have an intimate knowledge of scholarly content. Using our 30 years of experience in publishing, we have ensured that RVHost is highly flexible and structured. Thanks to this structure, moving legacy content from another hosting platform to RVHost is quick and simple. It involves a one time conversion set-up by River Valley. Thereafter all of a publisher’s content is imported automatically, ensuring all data and metadata are kept intact.

Delivering full control with Publisher’s dashboard

RVHost gives publishers full control over their content. For example journal publishers can:

  • Instantly create a new issue, volume, or even a brand new journal
  • Publish articles with a single click and attach an optional feature image
  • Schedule article to publish at a given time, e.g. simultaneously with a press release

Data analytics

DARVi, River Valley’s data analysis and visualisation tool, is included in RVHost and can deliver full analytics, including a novel visual “history” of a publication with any citations and mentions in social media.

Even more features when linked to our other platforms  

When combined with other platforms from River Valley, RVHost becomes even more powerful, delivering:

  • Custom PDFs – Our system generates all output automatically from the XML. This allows the reader or publisher have an option to generate personalized PDFs on the fly directly from the XML, e.g. with large font size for the visually impaired.
  • Multiple versions and updated articles – updated versions of articles can be easily created via a simple interface without going through time-consuming re-typesetting
  • History of a manuscript – The publisher can view the complete, granular history of a manuscript, from submission, peer review, details of production, to final publication.

We are excited to be providing an alternative hosting platform for publishers. RVHost offers a high-tech and high-quality but cost-effective solution.

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