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London, UK, 2 March 2018 – River Valley have developed a new feature within their peer review platform, ReView, to recognise peer reviewers’ work. River Valley have worked closely with ORCID to allow reviewers who use the platform to update their ORCID records automatically with their reviews. Authors and peer reviewers have always been able to log in to ReView with their ORCID records. However, this new feature will give peer reviewers the additional facility to link their reviews back to ORCID.

Once they have linked their ORCID IDs to ReView, they can simply give explicit permission for the review details to be uploaded. River Valley’s Kaveh Bazargan said: “Academic peer reviewers work tirelessly behind the scenes, usually anonymously, to keep the wheels of publishing in motion. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with ORCID’s highly professional team to do our part in allowing more recognition for reviewers. We look forward to even closer integration with ORCID in the near future.”

Alice Meadows, Director of Community Engagement & Support at ORCID, said: “The implementation of ORCID’s review functionality in River Valley’s platform gives reviewers an easy way to get credit for their work, while retaining full control of what they want uploaded to ORCID. Thanks to River Valley for setting up this integration.”

The details of the data uploaded to ORCID can be as explicit and as granular as the journal policy allows, from fully open reviews, with the content uploaded, to highly restrictive double blind reviews where only high-level details are published.

ReView gives the author the choice as to whether to upload a particular review or not, and they can retrospectively decide to add or to delete any reviews in their ORCID record.


About River Valley Technologies River Valley Technologies was set up in 1988 in the UK by Dr Kaveh Bazargan. A physicist by training, his intense interest in the emerging area of electronic publishing led him to start a service company with the aim of delivering cutting edge technology to academic publishers. The company has expanded internationally, and remains at the forefront of publishing technology.

River Valley was one of the first companies to embrace “authoring in the cloud”, with the first incarnation of RVRite some 10 years ago. The company continues to look at areas of publishing that can be improved or automated, with the fundamental goal of speeding up scholarly communication. River Valley’s vision is to streamline and to automate the publishing process through its suite of platforms, which include:

  • RVRite (Collaborative online authoring and automated XML conversion)
  • ReView (Intuitive submission and peer review platform)
  • ProofCheck (Online author proofing system)
  • RVFormatter (Automated XML to PDF converter)

River Valley continues to deliver the highest level of typesetting services to its publishing clients through the use of its cloud-based platforms.

River Valley’s clients include:
Cambridge University PressThe IETDe GruyterBMJ and IOP Publishing.


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