River Valley launch publishing platform, completing their end-to-end publishing solution

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London, United Kingdom, 25 July 2019 – River Valley Technologies announce the launch of RVHost, the innovative content hosting platform, and the final component of their XML-based end-to-end scholarly publishing solution.

The platform gives unprecedented control to publishers over their content, thus allowing them to create a brand new journal within minutes, or to schedule any publication for a precise date and time, e.g. timed with a press release. RVHost delivers full analytics, including an innovative graphical “history” of a publication, together with any citations. The system is fully customisable, multi-lingual and content agnostic, allowing it to host any form of data or multimedia.

RVHost will be launched in partnership with forward-looking STM journal, GigaScience, which will be using River Valley’s complete end-to-end publishing system.

GigaScience Executive Editor, Scott Edmunds, explains that it would have been impossible to achieve the changes that the GigaScience team envisioned for new journal development without partnering with River Valley Technologies: “In our seven years of pushing the boundaries of scientific publishing, our biggest frustration has been trying to work around legacy publishing obstacles. Working with River Valley Technologies – with their state-of-the-art, forward-thinking platforms – will finally allow us to put all our new ideas into practice.”

River Valley Technologies Director, Kaveh Bazargan said: “We designed RVHost to be powerful, yet simple to set up and to use. This means it is scalable and delivers time and cost savings for publishers of all sizes, from single-journal society publishers to those dealing with thousands of books and journals. The architecture is particularly suitable for a community platform for related publishers. Working with our highly innovative launch partner, GigaScience, will allow us to use the many features of RVHost to revolutionize how research is communicated.”

RVHost works beautifully on all devices, including mobile phones, and allows the reader to select their viewing preferences with options to view content in a larger typeface, or even in a typeface for people with dyslexia. When used with other River Valley platforms, RVHost delivers further benefits including the instant creation of personalised PDFs, and a comprehensive history of every manuscript. Publishing new versions of articles becomes an efficient and painless process.

The database architecture of RVHost has been designed to make transfer from other platforms easy – any legacy data is transferred losslessly and automatically during transition from other hosting platforms.

Kaveh Bazargan added: “RVHost fully supports Open Access publishing, ensuring compliance with Plan S. We ask all participating journals to adopt the COPE/DOAJ principles of transparency to ensure ethical publishing.”

RVHost links with a wide range of third party systems, including reference managers and metrics tools.

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About River Valley Technologies

River Valley’s mission is to accelerate scholarly communication. The company aims to streamline the publishing process through automation and easy-to-use platforms, helping STM societies and publishers manage their content more efficiently and deliver content to readers faster and more cost-effectively.

Developed in-house, River Valley’s proprietary platforms address the pain points felt by stakeholders, from researchers preparing their manuscripts to publishers requiring perfect XML. The system deals with all admin, allowing clients to focus on creating content.

River Valley was established in 1988 by Kaveh Bazargan. A physicist by training, his intense interest in the emerging area of desktop publishing led him to start the company with the mission of delivering cutting edge solutions to academic publishers. Some 10 years ago, the company pioneered the first online authoring system and today boasts a number of publishing platforms, including: RVRite for collaborative authoring; ProofCheck for author proof checking; RVFormatter for automated conversion of XML to PDF; and ReView for intuitive peer review.

With Head Office in London and 3 offices in India, River Valley supports clients across EMEA, the USA and Asia. Clients include Cambridge University Press, The IET, De Gruyter, IOS Press, American Physical Society, The Sphere Association and IOP Publishing.


Maryam Bazargan
Email: Maryam@rivervalleytechnologies.com

About GigaScience

GigaScience is co-published by BGI and Oxford University Press. The journal covers research that uses or produces ‘big data’ from the full spectrum of the life sciences. It also serves as a forum for discussing the difficulties of and unique needs for handling large-scale data from all areas of the life sciences. The journal has a completely novel publication format – one that integrates manuscript publication with complete data hosting, and analysis tool incorporation. To encourage transparent reporting of scientific research as well as to enable future access and analyses, it is a requirement of manuscript submission to GigaScience that all supporting data and source code be made available in the GigaScience database, GigaDB, as well as in publicly available repositories. GigaScience will provide users access to associated online tools and workflows, and has integrated a data analysis platform, maximizing the potential utility and re-use of data.


Dr. Scott Edmunds
Executive Editor, GigaScience, BGI Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3610 3531
Cell: +852 9249 0853
Email: scott@gigasciencejournal.com

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