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EditorSuite is an intuitive, cloud-based proof checking platform for authors, using familiar editing and commenting tools. EditorSuite allows authors to correct their proofs online without having to download and mark a PDF, or to refer to page and line numbers.

  • All edits and comments are directly saved in the XML – not converted from HTML! We believe we are the only company offering direct XML editing, but with a friendly HTML interface.
  • Changes are viewed as “track changes” by an editor, who can decide whether to accept or reject each modification.
  • At the press of a button and at any time the author can create a (watermarked) proof PDF.
  • As the author is taking responsibility for making changes directly, minimal QC is required.

Production editor authorizing changes

EditorSuite makes proof correction a pleasure, and cuts the turnaround time considerably by reducing work for all parties.

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