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DARVi (Data Analyser, Reporter and Visualiser) represents a leap forward for analysis, reporting, and visualisation.

Scholarly publishing involves many stages, with each stage usually carried out within a system or “SaaS” based platform, e.g. a peer review system, or a production management system. Most systems have their own siloed “reporting” facility, typically producing spreadsheets. DARVi is an interactive dashboard that imports, combines, and presents these data in real time, showing a highly interactive overview of the data and metadata from each stage of the process as well as the associated user and department. The system allows publishers to dig deeper into any part of the data in order to pinpoint bottlenecks or opportunities.

Here are some features of DARVi:


  • A single intuitive view of all data
  • Reports and graphs available instantly and at any time
  • Data can be analysed in a browser from any location, with full security
  • Combine data from different datasets to get new insight
  • Role access allows selective visibility of data with precise control of who sees what
  • Data imported in any way, including APIs, CSVs, or Google Sheets

Easy use

  • No knowledge of database queries required
  • Optionally import CSV files using Drag and Drop
  • Reports can be automatically generated and emailed at set intervals


  • Built using the latest web technologies
  • Can link with any standards based CMS or database

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