Batch Commander launched at TUG 2014

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Some 10 years ago, we started a programme to create a graphical front end for LaTeX. This was a tall order, but version 1 was announced at the TeX Users Group meeting in Portland, Oregon. Creating LaTeX “class files” is a very specialized task.  Batch Commander has allowed us to assign the majority of the work involved in configuring a class file to a page designer, who has little or no knowledge of LaTeX. This has dramatically reduced the burden on high level programmers, who can concentrate on adding functionality, rather than tuning dimensions, colours, etc.

An Apple Macintosh version of Batch Commander is available to the in-house designers of River Valley clients, in order that they can produce their own “class files”. A screenshot of Batch Commander can be seen below.

Batch Commander

The Oregon meeting was recorded by River Valley TV and Kaveh’s talk can be seen here: